We transform unstructured data into actionable insights for strategic decision-making.

By utilizing natural language processing, we extract, aggregate, summarize, and classify relevant information from various sources such as the web, documents, and other data sources.

Sustainable Finance

Sustainability and/or impact reports are the major communication vehicle to display a company's positive impact. Given the unstructured format of these reports, financial service providers build their offerings on sparse and fragmented databases. With LuLarge we systematically analyse these reports and extract all relevant information in machine-readable formats at scale.

Real Time Market Intelligence

Our framework adeptly interprets content and context from various data sources (including web) to deliver context-based summarization, content classification, and use-case tailored report. This enables market analysts and leaders to gain timely intelligence through comprehensive reports covering market trends, technological advancements, product launches, financial developments, partnerships, and regulatory landscapes, etc.

Mini ERP

Keep track of business expenses is a time-consuming, tedious yet highly import task. For small business owner, this is a lot of work. MERP (mini ERP) takes away the heavy lifting. Simply send your invoices (pdf of photo) to MERP to get all your expenses classified and structured in tabular format. MERP manages this overhead for you, allowing you to focus on what is important: your business.


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